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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentist / Dental Urgent Care in Newport Beach

Dental emergency could happen to any of us. Our dentist office in Newport Beach is highly trained to handle dental emergencies.  Even if you have an after hour or weekend dental emergency our office staff would answer your call and schedule you same day visit.

Emergency root canal is done when the tooth is infected, you may have an abscess in the gum and pain in the jaws. With emergency root canal we will clean the nerve tissue inside the root and place a filler material inside and seal the tooth.

Emergency tooth extraction is done when the tooth is not savable and needs to be removed. This could happen in wisdom teeth and they can be very painful.

We will be able to fix a chipped tooth by bonding or white filling.

When you loose a tooth in an accident or any other reason we are able to place same day implant. Dr. Haroonian specializes in placing same day implants so we can restore your chewing function and give you a natural smile in the same day.

If you have a chipped tooth or in need of an emergency root canal or had a knocked out tooth due to trauma or accident  call Dr. Haroonian at The Newport Beach dentist office and we do make accommodation to take care of you in the same day. Contact us today!