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All-on-Four Dental Implants | Teeth in One Day

Want to get rid of your denture in one day forever?

Dr. Haroonian, the premier dentist in Newport Beach and Orange County has the best solution for you.

If you have lost all of your teeth, or are losing your teeth, unsecured traditional dentures are a solution which in many cases has limited success. They are painful, inconvenient and instable, such dentures can make chewing food difficult, which could stop you from eating many of the foods you once enjoyed. They would also interfere with your speaking most of the times.

Rehabilitation of an edentulous individual (an individual without teeth) can be done in different methods.

1) Full mouth individual Dental Implants

One method is replacing missing teeth by replacing each tooth that is missing with one dental implant or using as many dental implants as we can accommodate in the bone left. This method usually needs bone grafting (like sinus lift on the upper jaw or block bone grafts…) to create enough bone to support the implants and the teeth on them. This method may take 3-4 months at least to developed bone and then implants are placed in the new bone and usually wait about 4-6 more months to start the prosthetic part (teeth or the final crowns and bridges).As you see it takes at least about 8 months to get the final prosthesis done. This method is good in localized tooth losses when there is one or more teeth left and the advantage of it is that we create more bone for the patient and it is a way to go for some patients that are edentulous (toothless). Contact us for a consultation at (949)646-2481.

2) Full Mouth Reconstruction: All-on-Four in Newport Beach

All on Four (4) dental implant is another method that requires less bone or in some cases no bone graft to replace missing teeth. It is also consider teeth in one day or same day implant. This method is suitable for individuals that are edentulous or have severe gum disease or other conditions that has caused them to lose their teeth in a single jaw or both jaws. With this technology, a special design of dental implants are used along with a special temporary bridge that could be either fixed (doesn’t come out by patient) or removable (patient can remove and place it back him/her self). All-on-Four (4) usually can be done in one day means patient walks in our office with their denture and walks out with a fixed (not removable) bridge the same day. The reason it is called All-on-4(four) is that for each jaw we need at least 4 special design dental implants to support the final bridge.

Three steps for Permanent Teeth in 1 day in Newport Beach

The treatment is done in three phases:

Phase 1: Diagnostic and Data Collection

In this phase you will meet Dr. Haroonian and we go over your goals and the options specifically for your case. A full set of Digital X-rays, study models are taken. A CT scan and fabrication of new teeth are going to be done.

Phase 2: Surgical and Temporizing

Four to six special dental implants are placed and in the same day the new prosthesis (new teeth that was made on the phase 1) is secured on top of the dental implants, so you will be able to chew, speak and smile naturally.

Phase 3: Final prosthetic

After healing of the implants (3-6 months after the second phase) a new set of teeth called implant bridge are made and installed on the dental implants.

I, (Omid Haroonian DDS, FICOI) personally usually use more than four dental implants to get better support and stability so if for any reason we are not able to use any of the implants we don’t need to do another surgery to place a new dental implant. Dr. Haroonian has over 20 years experience in placing and restoring dental implants in City of Newport Beach Orange County and Southern California. His expertise and knowledge in Dental Implants and full mouth dental implant reconstruction has made him the premier dentist in city of Newport Beach and Orange County.

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Modern dentistry has solutions to suit a variety of needs and the All-on-4 is a wonderful solution for individuals who have suffered from not having teeth to chew well.